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Shine a Light on Lifestyle Assets

Make your dream life a reality. Let us teach you how to own lifestyle assets, generate passive income, and make memories wherever you want.
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Shine a Light on Lifestyle Assets

Make your dream life a reality. Let us teach you how to own lifestyle assets, generate passive income, and make memories wherever you want.
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Let us teach you how to own lifestyle assets, generate passive income, and make memories wherever you want.

Make more family memories

Don’t wait to spend time with those who matter most. With a Lifestyle Asset, you can start taking vacations and making memories with your family now.

Take vacations that pay for themselves

Stop spending thousands every year to vacation with your family. Start taking vacations that pay for themselves.

Build lasting generational wealth

Learn how to invest in a way that allows you to pull out equity without selling your investment, save on your taxes, and pass down the property from generation to generation.

Meet Peter and Linda Skaggs

Peter and Linda purchased their first Lifestyle Asset over 5 years ago and it changed their lives. Because of this. they decided they wanted to teach other families how to do the same, so they created Lighthouse. 

With Peter’s mortgage and business experience and Linda’s property management and interior design experience, they worked together to put all of their resources, ideas, and templates together and built Lighthouse. Now, Peter and Linda are working towards their goal of helping 1,000 families own and operate their own Lifestyle Asset.

Live Your Own Lifestyle!

Let Us Be Your Guide to Investing in Vacation Rental Properties

What would your life look like if you could travel to beautiful vacation destinations whenever you wanted to make lasting memories with your family? Our process of building Lifestyle Assets allows you to do just this, all while your vacation is being paid for through passive cash flow generated from short-term rentals. It’s simpler than you might think! 


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Learn what a Lifestyle Asset is and the 6-steps you need to take to own a Lifestyle Asset yourself.

Start Your Research

Start researching more about Lifestyle Assets in our learning library full of articles and resources.

Dive Deeper

Take our full Lifestyle Assets course to gain access to our templates, checklists, and one-on-one professional help from Peter and Linda.

How Buying One Lifestyle Asset Will Change Your Life

Home ownership and real estate investing isn’t beyond your grasp. We’re in the business of enriching lives, and we do that by providing straightforward, reliable financial education for all.

What our members are saying

I have used them once for my original loan and recently for my Refi. They are very responsive and easy to work with. All my interactions have gone smooth and quick. A good year or so ago when I had started a refi and health issues hit me Peter and his awesome crew offered to help me find ways to help use it as a way to cover health bills. I genuinely felt like they were trying to help a guy out of bad situation and I appreciated that. I have had several other friends use Innovative all whom had great experiences!

William SwickGoogle Reviews

Everyone was so great! Peter took the time (more than I originally scheduled for) to help me understand and explain everything I was doing and going to do for the whole process. Tennison was a great help and always very quick to respond when I had questions. The office staff was super helpful and called every week with updates which was so appreciated! And a surprise of cake bites delivered to me for when everything was approved was so kind and thoughtful! It's a stressful process, but everyone made things go smoothly and we there for me throughout the process. Thank you guys so much!

Kelly BrownGoogle Reviews

Peter, Chris and Anne are really awesome people! After many challenges with underwriting, Peter step in and did his magic to get our loan approved very fast. We closed way before the closing deadline! I highly recommend them to anyone buying or refinancing!

Carlos Miguel CarvajalGoogle Reviews

Peter Skaggs and his team were wonderful to work with. Nate Harris and Zinnia Flores each took time to walk me through the process of refinancing our home. We closed several weeks before we were scheduled to close which I believe is a reflection of how dedicated their team is to making this process as smooth as possible.

JDee WarrenGoogle Reviews

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You don’t know what you don’t know—and that’s totally okay. Download our free e-book and we will help you navigate the world of Lifestyle Assets and teach you how to successfully own and operate one yourself!